My Peeps Show Podcast Interview

Yesterday, Anthony released the conversation we had on his podcast, My Peeps Show.  It was an honor to be interviewed and to get to talk a bit about my craft and my new EP “Of Myth & Men,” among other fun things.  Below is an embed of the podcast, but you can also find My Peeps Show on iTunes and Spotify, or download it directly from Podbean.

Anthony interviews a broad range of interesting people from all over the world, from John Kassir (the iconic voice of “Tales from the Crypt’s” Crypt Keeper) to Nascar Xfinity race car driver Brandon Brown, to TLC’s “While You Were Out” host Ananda Lewis, and the list goes on.  Authors, musicians, actors, sports figures, adventurers, CEOs, and activists— He’s got it all, so give his show a follow, it’s well worth it!