Once you purchase music or digital products from the store at crystalcasey.com, you will receive two emails.  One is your invoice, and the other contains your downloads.  Instructions for downloading are below, but if you have any remaining questions about the downloads, please email info@crystalcaseymusic.com.  Downloading is not one-size-fits-all, and your experience will be unique to the device you are using, your web browser of choice, software updates, etc.  We are committed to making sure you get your downloads and are happy to help.

You will receive links for both lossless WAV files and MP3 files for all the tunes.  WAV files are higher quality but much bigger files and are best for desktop use only.  MP3’s are smaller files which are best for mobile devices.  Downloads are compressed into “zip files,” and you will need to “unzip” the files to save them.

Download instructions for desktop computer:

Click the file links of your choice on the right side under the “Download” column in your email and “save file.”  Zip files will then be in your downloads folder, or whichever folder you chose to save in.  You can then select the files in the zip folder and “extract to” whichever folder you specify.

Download instructions for mobile devices:

Please note that IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad do not support non-Apple Music downloads.  You will need to use a desktop machine to retrieve your downloads, then sync to your phone.  IOS users without a desktop computer are encouraged to purchase through iTunes/Apple Music or Bandcamp (playing the songs within the app.)

On Android, tap the file link on the right side under the “Download” column in your email.  The zip file will download.  To open it, exit your email and go to your downloads folder.  (Find the downloads folder by swiping up on your home screen and tapping the “Files” icon.)  Open the zip package in your “Files” folder, and select the song files by long pressing them.  Then tap “extract to,” and select your phone’s “music” folder.  You’re all set!

If you do not see the music folder, make sure you have selected “show internal storage” in order to see the phone’s internal folders.  This setting is found on Google phones by tapping the three vertical dots top right.  Ideally you would want them in your music folder with the rest of your music, but if all else fails, you can extract the files to your downloads folder or a folder you create yourself and play them from there.

Physical CDs ordered through crystalcasey.com are drop-shipped straight to you through a print-on-demand service.  We cannot guarantee your order can be cancelled, as the service is completely automated and once the order has been placed on our end with the supplier, it cannot be rescinded.  If you wish to cancel your order, email info@crystalcaseymusic.com ASAP, and as long as we haven’t already put the order through on our end, we will try to cancel it.


Products are printed-on-demand just for you and cannot be returned or exchanged.  Double check with the size guides and read the descriptions of every product you buy.  Most products run true to size, but some run small, and this information is in the descriptions.  Your general feedback is always welcome and appreciated, please email info@crystalcaseymusic.com.

All merchandise in the store is listed in US Dollars.  Paypal, credit card, and cryptocurrency are the accepted forms of payment.  Crypto that is currently accepted: Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Chainlink, Litecoin, Auger, Zcash, and 0x.  This list may change from time to time.

Shipping is worldwide and calculated depending on your location.  If the products are shipped outside of the US there may be a customs fee, depending on the rules in your country.  Please read our Terms & Privacy for our complete Privacy and Store Policy.