Introducing The Sigil Collection

Manifest Your Vision

A New Art Form

I’m excited to have dropped a new line of products in my web store today! About six months ago, I started making sigils as a form of mindfulness and creative expression. Simply put, sigils are little magical symbols based on an affirmation. They’re created by a specific method in a state of meditation, charged with good intentions over a course of time, and then either kept as a lucky charm or destroyed in a ritual. Each of the sigils I’m offering have lovingly been through this process.

Currently, I have t-shirts, hoodies, digital downloads, and framed posters available in four different original sigil designs. I’ll be adding more designs as I create them. If you want customization, feel free to contact me. I can change the size, placement and color of the sigil, add or remove the affirmation statement, and change the background color of the product to suit your desires. Maybe you want a rainbow colored sigil, we can do that! I will also accept custom sigil requests for those in need of a specific positive affirmation.

Existing patrons have two digital sigils waiting for them on my Patreon, and new patrons will receive them as well! As an aside, music is still my main art form, and new music is indeed on the way. It’s going to be a very creative year!