Little Things is Out Now!

Three New Songs from Crystal Casey

Little Things is Out Today!

I’m so happy to share these three songs with you today, and I hope you will enjoy listening. If you do, please support me with a purchase of only $3.33 on Bandcamp, or on your favorite music service, so that I can continue to create and distribute music. I am 100% DIY indie, so I rely completely on fans to keep the music going. Patrons, you have yum codes waiting for you in your Patreon messages, so you can now redeem your free download!

“Little Things” is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and all major streaming services worldwide. Bandcamp has the added bonus of song descriptions, lyrics, and you receive the back as well as the front cover when you purchase.

“Little Things” explores divinity and the cyclical nature of reality, from rebirth to revolution. It zooms out on creation and destruction to reveal the beauty of the All.